Mind blown. Thank you, Dolce & Gabbana…



I’m sure I alluded to this in past post but I am aspiring to be an art historian with a focus on Byzantine and/ or Early Medieval art. So, anytime I find references to these periods in real life, I freak out. Enter Dolce & Gabbana. Holy Christós… I cannot believe what I have just seen. D&G’s Fall 2013 Ready to Wear collection is inspired by Byzantine and Venetian art, mosaics, mosques, icons, reliquaries, etc. I am so impressed and surprised. This is a collection I can really get behind. Every single piece is beautifully crafted. I also love the less intricate pieces (read: a little less bling) because of the wearability. I also love, love, love the accessories. I mean, these necklaces look like ancient reliquaries. I thought for a minute one of the models was going to whip out a tooth of St. John the Baptist at the head of the catwalk. Between the textiles, the accessories, the CROWNS, the tweed…. good lord. So beautiful. The collection is what I imagine a really hip, modern… and a little slutty nun would wear. Let’s call it “Nunnery Chic”… or “Holy Couture”. This is why I love fashion. This kind of craftsmanship and creativity really get me going. This is seriously the best thing I’ve come across all day. Who knew illuminated manuscripts would lend themselves to such beautiful textiles? Queen Theodora would be all over this.

Do yourself a favor… watch this runway show… Good Lord: http://www.vogue.com/fashion-week/fall-2013-rtw/mdgabbana/video/



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