Just So Moody….



While scouring the World Wide Interwebs looking for something, ANYTHING that caught my attention, and came across an artist called Jeremy Mann. What struck me about this San Francisco- based artist is how distinct his work is. The moodiness in his pieces is so striking. It reminds me of 19th century Romantic art that (as a whole) tended to focus on the beautiful and the sublime. While Mann’s subjects are the familiar city streets, because of his medium and colors, the work evokes the moody, brooding, atmospheric sensation that almost makes the viewer feel unsafe or unsettled.


The first painting that came to my mind and connected Mann’s work to that  of the Romantic/ sublime was Caspar David Friedrich’s Wanderer Above the Sea of Fog, 1817. During the 19th century, Romantic artists used Nature (much like Mann is doing) to explore the notions of beauty and the sublime.


To create these beautiful paintings, Mann works directly on wood panels which allows for a variety of techniques to be used: wood staining, wiping away paints with solvents. Mann’s brushstrokes are wide and pulverant due to his use of an ink brayer.



Mann doesn’t only focus on cityscapes. However, there is a commonality in the color palette and over all tone of his works. Check out the John Pence Gallery in San Francisco to see Mann’s other beautiful figures, drawings, still-life, and landscapes: http://www.johnpence.com/visuals/painters/mann/index.htm.



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  1. I’ve not heard of Mann but I love these paintings. We lived in San Francisco for a few years and they sure do evoke the feel of the city. I love the portrait of the woman, as well, so exotic. Thank you for introducing me to some one new. 🙂

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