Where You Lead, I will Follow…


Russian photographer Murad Osmann gives a whole new meaning to the phrase “I will follow you to the ends of the Earth.”

article-2285781-18578F05000005DC-354_634x632[1] article-2285781-18578E3E000005DC-891_634x632[1] article-2285781-18578E21000005DC-952_634x632[1] article-2285781-18578EEC000005DC-865_634x614[1]

In this series of absolutely stunning photographs, Osmann is being lead around the world by his love, Nataly Zakharova. I find these photographs to be so romantic and loving. I also think that Osmann is making a statement by letting his girlfriend take the lead in the photographs. Osmann’s adoration and admiration are so evident in these photographs. There are so, so many of them… I just chose some of the ones that really struck me.

article-2285781-18578EDC000005DC-897_634x601[1] article-2285781-18578EAB000005DC-847_634x632[1] article-2285781-18578DB4000005DC-598_634x632[1] article-2285781-18578D97000005DC-163_634x632[1] article-2285781-18578E98000005DC-320_634x632[1] article-2285781-18578EF1000005DC-39_634x595[1]

I am so in love with the premise of this series of photographs. The romantic (with a lowercase “r”) inside of me is literally doing backflips. I’m pretty sure there are cartoon hearts circling my head as I type… swoon.

article-2285781-18578E94000005DC-293_634x632[1] article-2285781-18578D81000005DC-634_634x632[1] article-2285781-18578E9D000005DC-947_634x632[1] article-2285781-18586014000005DC-636_634x635[1]


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